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Meet the Founder & Owner of Crossbody.dk

Sofie Henriksen


The facts

Sofie Henriksen is 25 years old and the Founder of Crossbody.dk, a women’s accessory webshop focused on Crossbody bags. Her passion for brand-building, communication and fashion have led her to becoming an influencer and entrepreneur. She has lived in LA, Copenhagen and London and has worked with brands such as: Nialaya Jewelry, Chantelle, Karl Lagerfeld, UGG, Balmain and many others.

The story

After living in LA for a year I moved back to my hometown to follow my dreams about starting my own business. After years of experience in the fashion industry and living in such inspirational cities I finally knew what my business should involve. I realized that the most important investment in a woman’s wardrobe is a beautiful bag. A woman's bag should stand out, brighten up the surroundings and reflect everyone’s individual personality.

A stylish Crossbody bag never goes out of fashion. No matter where you are, the season and the weather - a Crossbody bag can be used to any occasion. Which is why I came up with the idea of creating a universe with bags in focus.

Sofie Sofie Sofie

It takes guts and hard work

To begin with I didn’t want to reveal to the public that it was me who started Crossbody.

To be honest I didn’t trust enough in myself. I didn’t believe it could become a success - I was afraid of failure. And I know I’m not alone with this feeling and that most of you probably recognize this insecurity-feeling from something in your life. Which is why I felt the need of sharing this with you guys...

I have dreamed of owning my own business for as long as I can remember, but never truly believed that I could. My entire family is self-employed which has given me so much motivation and inspiration through the years. I’ve seen my parents and older siblings do it with great (and not so great) success and I felt ready for all the ups and downs - more ready than ever. But I just didn’t have the guts to do it and I kept on coming with bad excuses on why the business wasn’t up and running already. I had the idea and the ability – so why didn’t I start?

I’ve been a part-time influencer for over a year now, but I still didn’t get why people wanted to follow me. I mean why me when there’s a million beautiful influencers out there with such great style. As you might can tell - I needed a self-esteem boost and a kick in a certain body part. Luckily my boyfriend convinced me that we could sell my ideas and that he would help me getting there. He had already founded a number of businesses, so he had plenty of knowledge on that account. My boyfriend helped me through it and helped me found Crossbody.dk. And this sounds so simple – but of course it was not! But that’s a story I intend to share with you guys later on.

So finally the shop was up and running. And I must admit, even when the shop was launched and everything seemed fine (minus a few mistakes) - I was still a bit sceptic about Crossbody’s future. I asked myself so many “what if something goes wrong” questions. “what if people don’t like my styles”, “What if this is just money out of the window” etc. The moment I stopped being sceptic was when the sale increased and one of the biggest women’s clothing web shops in Scandinavia contacted us for a collaboration (We will reveal the collaboration next month). Finally I could let go of my scepticism and focus on the fast-moving future for Crossbody.dk. It was going so fast that we were sold out on most of our styles in a week.

I’m proud of what we have achieved in so little time and I’m so grateful for having my boyfriend - pushing me to something I would never had dare to do on my own.

Once you put all your insecurities behind you and is willing to walk that extra mile - you can do whatever you set your mind to. Hoping this might inspire some of you who walks around with a dream but don’t dare to do anything about it.

My advice: The first piece of advice I would offer is that you are never closer to having what you want than the day you feel like quitting. Don’t quit on your dream. Take one step at time. You’ll get there sooner if you do something instead of not doing nothing

Hope you will love it as much as I do!

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